Dive into the sonic universe of MAQ, an electronic project crafted by the imaginative film composer Ilya Truskovsky. Originating in 2009, MAQ was a fleeting experiment that later, in 2022, resurged with a newfound intensity, transforming into Ilya’s musical alter ego. In this realm, MAQ thrives without boundaries, where exploration and experimentation reign, creating captivating music soundscapes that resonate with the soul.

Ilya’s journey with electronic music began in the echoes of his childhood, a fascination kindled at the tender age of five. The 80s saw him enamored with the works of electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, a fascination that evolved through the 90s with Deep Forest and Enigma, culminating in the millennium with a profound influence from Shpongle. The dream of owning a synthesizer, a yearning unfulfilled until his late teens, symbolized his undying passion for electronic music.

Departing from a classical trajectory, Ilya’s passion for electronic music led him to pursue a degree in sound engineering and music theory. This decision kickstarted his career, beginning with the establishment of the psychedelic label Deja Vu records and later transitioning into the film industry. His journey in film began with sound production, eventually leading to a fusion of his skills in music composition and sound design.

A career milestone was collaborating with Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest on the “Symphonic” album in 2018, an experience that allowed Ilya to meld symphonic elements with electronic synthesis. Over the years, his expertise has graced more than 20 film scores and numerous collaborative projects.

Now, Ilya is channeling his vast experience into MAQ, working on the much-anticipated album “Manifest,” set to release in 2024. It’s a project that promises to encapsulate his journey, blending cinematic scope with electronic innovation.

MAQ is not just music; it’s a narrative woven through sound, an invitation to listeners to join in a journey that transcends the boundaries of genre and expectation.